Smeting Process

Our special smelting process extracts three value products from the ore, namely, High Purity Iron, Vanadium Slag and Titanium Slag. It is mainly a three-stage reduction-converting-atomizing process. Mined ore is crushed to size and fed to the DC furnace together with coke and fluxes and heated to 1600˚C to reduce the iron and vanadium to metal, producing a vanadium-bearing Iron melt, with >65% TiO2-rich slag (Product). The vanadium-bearing Iron is then converted by blowing oxygen and carefully controlling temperatures to first oxidise vanadium into slag (26% V2O5 slag Product), followed by removal of carbon in the next stage of converting, resulting in a 99.7% high purity iron (HPI) melt product. The HPI melt is fed to the water atomizer to produce powder.